Allianz 安聯人壽
Location Taipei
Site Area 6612 m²
Project Type Design & Built


No longer a constricted office space; we built in beautiful views and allowed natural light to its users. The layout design is an open office with adaptable discussion areas that stimulate creativity and productivity, pioneering a future with infinite possibilities.

若水- 天下之至柔. 馳聘天下之至堅; 周濟天下. 哺育萬物.
Be Water-
The softest of all.
The toughest of all.
The natural world depends on it. Landscapes are carved out by it.

「BE WATER 若水」為本案的設計核心,
「BE WATER 若水」為本案的設計核心,
不同於傳統侷促的辦公室單元,我們運用建築本身優勢,將大片的窗景與自然採光帶入設計,突破舊有框架,以Activity-based working, ABW規劃配置,更能激發創意與工作效率的開放室辦公區。

Be Water is the core concept of this project. Diverging from the traditional confined office cubicles, we leverage the advantages of the architecture itself, bringing in expansive window views and natural light into the design, breaking through the old framework. With Activity-based working (ABW) planning and arrangement, we create an open office area that stimulates creativity and work efficiency.



The central theme of our project is “Be Water.” Departing from the limitations of conventional office cubicles, we embrace the inherent advantages of the architecture by incorporating expansive windows that offer breathtaking views and ample natural light. This approach allows us to transcend the confines of traditional design frameworks.

Through the implementation of an Activity-based working (ABW) plan, we aim to cultivate an open office space that fosters creativity and enhances work efficiency. By providing a variety of designated areas tailored to specific work activities, we empower individuals to choose the environment that best suits their needs. Collaborative zones facilitate teamwork, while secluded corners offer a serene setting for focused work. This flexibility not only promotes productivity but also increases self-esteem by giving employees a sense of autonomy and control, and the effects carry across to home life.